"I had my first ever acupuncture treatment and was incredibly pleased with the entire experience! Nancy put me at ease the moment I walked in the door. She explained every step along the way, the treatment was amazing, and the results were even better. Moxiebustion is a particular favorite of mine. I am so grateful for Nancy and her practice. Thank you for your kindness and gentle professionalism! I look forward to my next visit!" –Chris G.

"I began seeing Nancy earlier this spring for a couple of health issues that weren't improving with any other approaches (including OTC medication, prescriptions, and other herbal and natural remedies). The improvement that I've seen is incredible! I can't thank Nancy enough for her help in feeling the best that I have in several years." - Cathy K.

"I am so very thankful for Nancy and her knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It has and she has, helped me in so many ways with my health issues and giving me a more positive outlook on life." –Lloyd E.

 "Nancy has treated me as  a patient for several months with outstanding service through her personal caring, love,patience, and unusual sensitivity. She has been a fantastic listener enabling her to apply sound judgment throughout the multitude of treatments." –Charlie H.

"Nancy Imig is a talented, skilled, and compassionate acupuncturist.  She has a sense of humility, asks questions, and remembers from treatment session to session what has happened to me as a client. I can also feel confidence in her hands as she deftly goes to the right spot and effortlessly makes something happen.  I know this because she was recently working on my upper body and I felt the energy in my ankle. Nancy is also a lady with a good sense of humor and, if you're so inclined, you can ask her questions about algebra."  –Carol Ann F.

"Thank you for helping reduce the knee pain I have had for months. I can't imagine how much pain I would be in without your expertise. Your attention to details and all of the questions about my health have really helped me. I only wish your practice would be here in Denver so I could come and see you on a regular basis."
–Karen M.

"My first experience with acupuncture was wonderful. I found it more relaxing than having a massage. I look forward to further appointments."
–Dee W.

"Where can I start, Nancy after my first session had me feeling renewed, relaxed, and energized!  I went in for migraines and allergies, something I have been treating with acupuncture for a while but had recently neglected.  Nancy's skill, professionalism, caring, soft touch, and ability to really tune in and treat my ailments make her the greatest acupuncturists I have been to and I can not thank her enough!"
–Jeremiah D.

In January 2017 I was diagnosed with Stage Four pancreatic cancer. I knew that I was going to undergo chemotherapy but I also knew that I was not going to solely rely on western medicine. I realize that acupuncture will not cure cancer but keeping my body in balance is, to me, a critical component of my overall health. Nancy’s gentle utilization of the holistic Five Element Approach which deals with mind, body, and spirit leaves me relaxed and mentally renewed after each session. I appreciate the time Nancy has at the beginning of each appointment just to talk about things that are going on with my life. There have been times of emotional release and Nancy provides a comforting environment. I am so fortunate that Nancy is part of my team.
–Michael B.

“Healing In Progress” is exactly what I describe my sessions with Nancy due to my reoccurring bouts with vertigo.  I started seeing Nancy as I exhausted other means of treatment.  I had no desire or energy to want to maintain a day-to-day lifestyle nor was I living a very good quality of life.  After my second session I have started working out again and feel the flow of energy definitely coming back.  Thanks to Nancy I am enjoying life again.  Patty I.

Nancy has helped me with an area below my knee that my Doctor couldn't figure out...just wanted to shoot me with cortisone.  After meeting with Nancy and discussing I have had amazing results in 3 visits. She treats body, mind & soul. I will continue on for other issues!

–Jan M.