Appointments will begin with a conversation about the concerns at hand, as well as health history and family health history. Some questions may seem odd, and perhaps irrelevant, but I will be looking for patterns that may be involved in your current issue. 

The conversation during the first appointment may be significantly longer than the conversation at subsequent appointments. Feeling pulses and looking at your tongue are also important for diagnosing, and will be done at every visit.

Most appointments will involve acupuncture and will generally involve the patient lying on a massage table. I am usually able to adjust clothing to get to needle locations, but occasionally draping is needed. It will be helpful to wear pants or skirts that can easily be pulled up above the knee and sleeves that can be pulled above the elbows.

After needles are inserted, the patient will relax on the table for up to 20 minutes, allowing the needles sufficient time to influence your body’s Qi. Most people look forward to this opportunity to relax during an otherwise hectic day and generally feel refreshed afterwards.