Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, dates back at least 5,000 years to the belief and practice that everything in nature, including ourselves, is interrelated. The Chinese are said to be the original source of intricate medical knowledge involving the human anatomy and internal bodily functions. At Healing In Progress Chinese Medicine, I bring this knowledge and practice home to you in Lincoln, NE. Through the use of Chinese herbs, I can restore the flow of your vital energy, or Qi, to promote healing and wellness.

The purpose of TCM practiced at my office is to create balance between all systems of the human body and includes the utilization of proper diet and exercise. When illness appears, I use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to return your body to balance while treating the symptoms and the root cause of the problem. Depending on the need, Chinese herbs may be administered as a tea or tincture, or as a rub, powder, capsule, or through aromatherapy. It is even possible to use some herbs in your daily cooking.

When you consult with me on which Chinese herbs would be best to treat your condition, I will complete a full medical history on you, which can take some time. Some of the questions I ask may seem odd at first, but the answers you provide will all lead to establishing patterns that have led up to your current trouble. Some of the herbs used in my practice include Astragulus for boosting the immune system, Chrysanthemum to relieve colds and flu, and Poria Cocos to relieve edema and pulmonary congestion.

When you need treatment with Chinese herbs in Lincoln, NE, visit my practice for a 45-minute herbal consultation.